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Readio was created by an author for authors. This means we understand your pain points and this app was designed to help you achieve your goals.  Readio was built to enhance the experience of traditional and self-published Christian authors from increasing book sales to expanding exposure of their published works.

Is Readio For Me?

If increasing your book sales or reaching your target audience is not a priority, then Readio is not for you. However, if you have experienced any of the following, Readio maybe what you're looking for

  • Plummeting Book Sales due to algorithm-influenced unrelated classifications
  • Books lost among non-christian content
  • Disappointing books sales
  • The desire to reach more readers
  • Opportunities to increase your earning potential


Readio's Ecosystem

Why be a big fish in the ocean when you can be a big fish in a pond?  Readio is an ecosystem designed ONLY for works inspired by The Most High God. That means our book lovers download Readio app strictly for works in the above genre. 

Readio app allows readers to seamlessly browse through our library of ebooks and audiobooks, purchase their selections, as well as, read and listen to the ebooks and audiobooks inside the app. 

Interested? Here's What You Need To Know.

We are currently the highest royalty paid ebook and audiobook digital platform.  

  • Listings priced $2.99 and up - 75% royalties paid
  • Listings priced $0.99 and $1.99 - 40% royalties paid
Our authors enjoy the freedoms and joys of self-publishing. Unshackle your books from the chains of bondage:
  • No long term or binding contracts designed to reduce your earnings.
  • No exclusivity required. Readio does not prohibit you from having your published works on other platforms.
Note: Books uploaded must stay on our app for at least 6 months. This is to give your published works a chance to receive maximum exposure.
U.S. and International Authors Are Welcome

Our app is currently accepting catalogs from authors in the following countries:

Country Listing
Marketing Your Books Worldwide 
Has Never Been Easier

What platform do you know of (including the ones on which you currently sell your books) gives authors FREE advertising? 

Already Readio has earmarked at minimum $75k in ad dollars being given to the first 250 authors who'd have registered and uploaded their catalogs. These ads will have a worldwide reach, not just in the author's country. 

Those who make the cut will receive these ad spots in Readio's Author Limelight and have ad images placed on respective websites. Learn more
We know that many authors aren't thrilled with marketing or don't understand how to effectively market their published works to their target readers. Readio Limelights were designed for this reason.  

Author Limelight is a
bi-weekly newsletter sent to our Book Lovers. As an author, Limelight affords you the opportunity to advertise your books on Readio's Website and as an extra bonus, on its parent website, 2TigersLLC.com

In addition to the Author Limelight, we also have a BPP Limelight emailed to Authors signed up with Readio.  BPP features listings from Book Publishing Service Providers. The goal is to assist authors in need of new or additional publishing support. 


Readio Programs Coming Soon:

As a Readio Author, you will have the opportunity to participate simultaneously in various programs. Take a  look at the Readio Reader based programs below.

Readio Lunch Box Reads (LBR)

Will feature books such as short stories, novelettes, and novellas. Select up to four books monthly from titles checkmarked LBR in the app.

Flexible features include:
  • Reduced subscription fee, less than KU, at $6.99 per month (no long term obligation).
  • Easily adding books in the program (must remain for 90 days minimum).
  • No exclusivity - you can have your book in several programs all at varied price tiers. E.g. LBR, Regular Price, RSB, or on another platform.

Readio Subscription Book (RSB)

Will give readers the ability to select up to three books monthly from titles checkmarked RSB in the app.
  • Reduced subscription fee, less than KU, at $6.99 per month (no long term obligation).
  • Authors paid a flat rate instead of counting page reads.
  • Royalty paid to authors for titles selected would be $1.20 per book. Titles must remain in RSB for a minimum of 90 days per book enrollment.

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