How to Be and Stay Free from Spirit Spouses (Marine Spirits): Book Two

by Zita Grant

Genre: Inspiration/Self-help, Occult

From Book One in this series, you know how to be free. If staying free is what you need to get a handle on - this follow up book is for you!

After publishing the first book in this series, I received many inquiries as to how to stay free. That lead me to creating an online course, which friends said I should expound upon in a book. So here it is. I chose to put the information in bit-sized portions to assist anyone desiring to stay free, do just that. Like anything spiritual, you must desire and be determined to live a victorious life against these relentless spirits. So many are living free from them; you too can live the same way. Don't let the spirit of fear and doubt hold you back any longer.

Learn to not only be free but stay free from spirit spouses (marine spirits).

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