Shadows From the Past - A Beyond the Trial Novella

by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

Genre: Historical

Should one allow past abuse and domestic violence to affect present relationships? What if breaking the chains and confronting the shadows of one's past involves revealing secrets that could destroy more lives and families? These are some of the issues facing Ada Adelakun and her siblings in Shadows From the Past. Ada struggles with nightmares and insomnia while her siblings have dysfunctional marital relationships. Her cousin, Amaka's marriage, is on the brink of collapse. Do they have the courage to bring closure to their pain by confronting their past? Will the effect of the torture and abuse they faced in childhood continue to lurk in the shadows tormenting their present?

Shadows From the Past is a fiction story set in Nigeria and the UK with events spanning from the colonial era to the 1990s. The backstories provide a historical fiction dimension to this delightful story that highlights the plight of children who grew up in abusive environments in which their abuser should have been their protector.

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