From The Diary of Esther - Blessed Against All Odds

by Esther Wheeler

Genre: Inspiration/Self-help, Overcoming, Teen Pregnancy

From the Diary of Esther: Blessed Against All Odds, tells the story of Esther Wheeler growing up in poverty in the ghetto of New Providence, The Bahamas with her emigrant mother and four siblings. It tells how as the second child, her mother depended on her greatly to help take care of and protect her siblings.

Esther realized that she had to grow up fast and be the mature sibling in the family. This meant that she did not enjoy much of her childhood while growing up. She became bitter in her pre-teen years and rebelled. She got into trouble not just with her mother, but the law. Life became very difficult for her and it got even worse when she became sixteen. She found herself kicked out of the only home she ever knew by her mother, and left to fend for herself on the streets of New Providence, The Bahamas. Her life become one full of negative events, which greatly overshadowed the positive one. All she went through lead her to the realization that the only one she could rely on was God.

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