The Kingdom's Table

by Apostle Robert J.D. Jenkins

Genre: Inspiration/Self-help

The Kingdom’s Table is a book that will create in you a hunger for God, truth, and freedom. Apostle Jenkins’ revelation of God's word will bring a greater realization of God’s love. Apostle Jenkins declares how God wants us to see from love’s eyes, valuing what God has revealed. Apostle Jenkins takes out the time to feed you from so many sources, allowing you to taste your pain with purpose—providing you with a richer understanding of life.

There are many life lessons to learn at The Kingdom’s Table. Apostle Jenkins demands that we all talk and share about which plate we’re intaking from. This table has 31 plates. The prayer is that you will learn you’re not a mistake, that God has not lost you. God knows where you are and He provides the best diet for you in each season. Read this book and let it reveal to you who you are and help reaffirm your identity. Each plate will tell you something.

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