Shattered Illusion (7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers Book 0)

by Parker J Cole & Lynnette Roman

Genre: Romance, African-American

A dying mother's last wish, a mafia king's shattered facade, and the children whose lives will intertwine...

Refusing to die the way her father did, Janis Woodsman has only a few months left to live. Her choice has caused a rift in her marriage. A rift that fear widens and only the love of God can seal. Thaddeus, her husband, is not the only one upset about her unwillingness to fight, but her seven sons too. Alone in her choice she prays that the Lord will do what she seems to be unable to: make her family understand, or at the very least grant them all peace....and give her sons wives.

It should have been a simple party to bring the mafia lords and their political allies together, but Father Popov discovers his daughter, Olga, has seen the dark side of their beloved father. Not only her, but the other six Mafia kings' daughters know too, one of them far too much. Before he and the other kings can do anything about it, his daughter and the other six princesses disappear without a trace. However, their footprints lead to the snows of Halden, Idaho, in the mountains.

But will they be safe there?

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