Faith Is Tangible: The Seven Key System to Hebrews 11:1

by Adam Sharpe

Genre: Inspiration/Self-help

What is faith? In this book the author reveals the truth about what faith , in the in the Christian sense , actually is. The author reveals that faith is more than merely the act of believing in one thing or another, but rather a spiritual tool that enacts the spiritual power inherit in every born again Christian. The author does not contend that faith is some form of magic that can manifest anything imaginable, whether perverse, detrimental or not , but rather faith will manifest only those things that are good and compatible with God's will and perfect plan for your individual destiny. The author breaks the biblical process of utilizing faith down to 7 easy to understand keys. These 7 keys are not based on opinion but are based solely on biblical principals. The author makes a conscious effort to edit out all needless intellectual jargon and gives the reader practical benefits from a lifetime of studies.

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