Moon Man

by Jan Miller

Genre: Sci-fy, Space Opera

Sweet, inspiring historical romance with heart-wrenching twists.

Former nanny, Bethany Jamison goes west as a mail-order bride to escape a lecherous employer who threatens to expose her part in a past tragedy. When she arrives in Wyoming, she’s shocked to find her prospective groom, Joseph Milner, caring for a desperately ill newborn, abandoned by her father when her mother, Joseph’s sister, died in childbirth. Since he’s alone on his ranch, he insists the marriage take place immediately, but in name only. Bethany agrees, hoping to gain time to plan her future, but she quickly loses her heart to the infant clinging to life by a thread—and her new husband.

Can their faith and mutual love for this tiny baby keep them together, or will outside forces destroy them all?

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